Who is Miguel Patricio, and what is he getting himself into?

When Miguel Patricio, former Anheuser-Busch InBev global chief marketing officer, was announced as the next CEO of Kraft Heinz earlier this year, you’d be forgiven for assuming job cuts were coming. After all, both companies are affiliated with penny-pinching Brazilian investment firm 3G Capital, which has a reputation for shuffling executives between its companies. But this time could be different. Those who know him say Patricio is more obsessed with marketing excellence than number-crunching. Kraft Heinz declined to make Patricio, who assumes the role on July 1, available for an interview. “Where I saw Miguel really change the conversation inside of ABI is he looked at creativity as an investment,” says Jason DeLand, founding partner at Anomaly, which has worked on the global Budweiser account for years. “I never saw him sacrifice creativity in the name of cost, never saw him once do it.” If Patricio takes that attitude to Kraft Heinz, it could signal a new day at the company, which in recent years has been more synonymous with wringing out costs—from job cuts to limiting how much employees can use office printers—than stellar marketing that drives sales gains.  From staples to stumbles The marketer of Oscar Mayer meats, Planters nuts, Heinz ketchup and Kraft macaroni and cheese is due for a serious course correction. The company has stumbled since 3G took partial control in 2015, when H.J. Heinz owners 3G and Berkshire Hathaway teamed up to buy Kraft Foods Group.... Continue reading at 'Advertising Age'

[ Advertising Age | 2019-06-26 07:00:00 UTC ]
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