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Megan Walsh on Yan Lianke and Fiction Writing in China

This is Underreported with Nicholas Lemann, from the publishing imprint Columbia Global Reports. We don’t just publish books; we use books to start conversations about topics that weren’t getting the attention they deserved. At least, until we took them on. This podcast is your audio connection... Continue reading at 'Literrary Hub'

[ Literrary Hub | 2022-02-11 09:55:06 UTC ]
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Yan Lianke, author of Three Brothers, on Chinese Life, Law, and Literature

Hosts Kate, Eric, and Medaya are joined by renowned Chinese writer Yan Lianke, whose latest book is the memoir Three Brothers, about his childhood growing up during the Cultural Revolution. Calling in from Beijing, Yan discusses his life as a writer, being banned and censored in his own country... Continue reading at 'Los Angeles Review of Books'

[ Los Angeles Review of Books | 2020-08-28 20:55:54 UTC ]
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