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Daniel Pink: Foundational regrets are the reason for dissatisfaction later in life

In this excerpt from his new book, Daniel Pink writes about choices that seem irresistible at first, but morph into powerful regrets later in life. For a guy whom antiquity scholars say might never have existed, Aesop has enjoyed a pretty good run as an author. The fables that bear his name (but... Continue reading at 'Fast Company'

[ Fast Company | 2022-02-18 09:00:06 UTC ]
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Reimagining Folktales, But for the Ear: A Conversation with Mahsuda Snaith, by Carolyne Larrington

Interviews Carolyne Larrington Audible’s new fiction podcast, Hag, launching August 29, features eight reimaginings of traditional British folktales by eight contemporary female writers, with folktales chosen from across the UK. The collection will be... Continue reading at 'World Literature Today'

[ World Literature Today | 2019-08-30 14:21:50 UTC ]
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