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Nepal and Pan-Nepalese Identity: A Conversation with Samrat Upadhyay, by Koushik Goswami

Interviews For many years, better opportunities on foreign shores, political turmoil, and the Maoist insurgency in Nepal have contributed to a large-scale migration to foreign countries. Many Nepalese writers, now settled in the West, have begun writing... Continue reading at 'World Literature Today'

[ World Literature Today | 2022-02-14 22:32:24 UTC ]
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Histories of Violence: Unlearning History

THIS IS THE 37th in a series of dialogues with artists, writers, and critical thinkers on the question of violence. This conversation is with Ariella Aïsha Azoulay, a theorist of photography and visual culture. She is a professor of Modern Culture and Media and the Department of Comparative... Continue reading at 'Los Angeles Review of Books'

[ Los Angeles Review of Books | 2020-03-02 13:30:59 UTC ]
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