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Opportunity: India Literature and Publishing Sector Research

The British Council is seeking proposals from researchers to conduct research into India’s trade publishing and literature sectors, identifying opportunities for internationalisation and identifying challenges and issues faced by publishers and other literature organisations from working and... Continue reading at 'British Council global'

[ British Council global | 2020-10-26 15:43:22 UTC ]
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The epistemic tragedy of coronavirus misinformation

Yesterday, four of the most powerful men on earth—Mark Zuckerberg, of Facebook; Jeff Bezos, of Amazon; Tim Cook, of Apple; and Sundar Pichai, of Alphabet, which owns Google and YouTube—were dragged to Capitol Hill (well, a videoconference) to answer to a subcommittee of the House of... Continue reading at 'Columbia Journalism Review'

[ Columbia Journalism Review | 2020-07-30 12:26:10 UTC ]
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