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The challenge facing Sally Buzbee at the Washington Post

Since January, when Marty Baron announced his retirement as editor of the Washington Post, the media beat has hummed with speculation about his replacement: Would it be an internal candidate? Or one of a bevy of editors from the New York Times? Or Ben Smith? So it was impressive yesterday when... Continue reading at 'Columbia Journalism Review'

[ Columbia Journalism Review | 2021-05-12 12:21:00 UTC ]
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Publishers Have Big Aspirations to Further Diversify Their Revenue

Publishers will continue to look beyond their legacy business models in the coming years, and lean on technologies to not only improve their operations, but also their products. This idea was the thesis of a recent survey we conducted with a representative sample of leaders from across our... Continue reading at 'Folio Magazine'

[ Folio Magazine | 2020-02-06 15:59:25 UTC ]
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