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The eeriness of an orange sky, and the familiar lack of a climate crisis connection 

On Wednesday, the sky over the Bay Area turned orange. The visual was alien, yet the cause—rampant wildfires, accelerated by climate change—was very much a this-world problem. “Some folks said it felt like living on the next planet over, the red one,” Steve Rubenstein and Michael Cabanatuan... Continue reading at 'Columbia Journalism Review'

[ Columbia Journalism Review | 2020-09-11 12:16:42 UTC ]
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‘No reader is too young to start’: anti-racist books for all children and teens

It’s never too early to learn that racism is wrong and we should be doing something about it. These books will help show our kids how, writes publisher and bookseller Aimée FeloneDo the work: Layla F Saad’s anti-racist reading list The weight of the world seems heavier than ever right now. The... Continue reading at 'The Guardian'

[ The Guardian | 2020-06-04 07:00:00 UTC ]
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